Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall China Hutch

I started out decorating with the 2 turquoise sweater pumpkins I made, I had planned on just adding aqua/turquoise and cream but then I decided to add some orange pumpkins and pretty soon the hutch was full of color... lol I usually don't like that much color, I prefer neutrals, but I think I like the way it's turning out... I tried to use things I already have around the house.

I think... I'm almost done decorating my China hutch for Fall ( I just need to do the very top of the hutch). I want to change that up a bit... This is the hutch I got on Craigslist 2 years ago. I tried to live with it brown for a while... I thought maybe having it dark would make all the white and cream things pop but I just couldn't do it..... lol I'm always happier with a piece after I chalk paint it white or off white! And I'm so glad I painted this hutch!!! I love it white!!!

As you can see below, The very top is not decorated for Fall yet.... It takes me forever to get things finished... I have to think about it and keep changing it around... lol  Hope you enjoyed seeing the beginnings of my Fall hutch...

Have a great day!

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