Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Angel

 I've added another angel to my Etsy shop! This one is coffee stained. I think I like the coffee stained one even better then my original one that I posted yesterday!! I love the vintage-y look the coffee gives!


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shabby Angels

I started making 5 angels for my Etsy shop months ago and then I got sick and  was not able to finish them until now....
It's always something every holiday it seems that causes me to get behind... 

  I have this one all finished and in my Tattered Treasures Shop! And I'm going to finish the rest of them tonight and tomorrow after church and get those in the shop!

I love how she turned out!! I love the look of the vintage buttons!! Especially in her halo!!

Have a blessed day,

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Little Bit Of Christmas..

I was looking around at stuff on the internet a few days ago and came across THIS and fell in LOVE!!! I LOVE Neutral Christmas decor and I LOVE book paper crafts so I was just drooling over this beautiful sleigh!!

Unfortunately I don't have a  Sizzix Big Shot or any other die cutting machine as far as that goes....

Well...., during the week I was at one of my favorite thrift stores when I came across this little prim rusty sleigh and I thought of the die cut sleigh I saw online and those adorable little book paper wrapped gifts and I knew I had to have it! so I grabbed it and headed home to try my best to make my own little version of that adorable sleigh.... 

 So This is what I came up with!! I LOVE it!!!I enjoyed making these little book paper wrapped gift boxes so much!! I think they are so cute! Especially the teeny tiny little tags! So sweet!! I want to make more! lol

 I don't have a beautiful reindeer to display with it yet but I am just thrilled with the way it turned out!!  I might add a few more little touch's to it, I'm still playing around with it... Just thought I would share it ....

 I still need to put my tree up, things have been pretty hectic around here lately and I haven't had time.... I didn't even get a chance to get the sweet little angel dolls I made for my shop up yet... I might put them up in a couple days anyway even though it is kinda late...

I'm linked up with:~  Be Inspired at Common Ground!

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A couple more pumpkins

Added this set of Thanksgiving/Autumn pumpkins to the shop today!

I'm really loving the cream pumpkins this year!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

My awesome garage sale find

Stopped a garage sale on the way home from church today and I found this!!! It needs to be cleaned up and oiled, and a new belt but I am thrilled with it!!!
I love it!!! I'm going order the belt and other supplies on ebay and get it back in working order. I'm tempted to paint the cabinet white but not sure if I should or not....

Have a blessed day,

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fall Pumpkins

 I made a few pumpkins this week. I can't believe it's "back to school" time already!!
 This summer went by way to quick for me....

 I'm really enjoying the cool temps in Chicago today! (Low 70's) Love having the air off and the windows open!
 This cool weather really puts me in the mood to make Fall items for my shop! And my own home too!
 I LOVE Fall!! Everything about it!!! The weather , the upcoming holidays, the food and candy (I love candy corn!!) And pumpkin pie!!!
Hope you enjoyed seeing my Fall pumpkins!

Have a blessed day,

Monday, August 5, 2013

More Of My Yard Sale Finds

Here are a few more of the vintage goodies I found at the local yard sales this past week! ( there's still more but I will share on another day) I'm so excited!!! I usually don't find this many vintage items all in the same week!!        

This first photo is a bunch of vintage trims and a lace dresser scarf. 

So thrilled with all these lace trims!! I want to make some vintage-y looking angels for my Christmas tree and maybe some for my Etsy shop this year so i've been looking around for some vintage pretties to use on them but I'm still working on that idea.... I made a couple of tester doll bodies but I'm not totally happy with them yet.....

I also found some vintage crochet doilies, dresser scarfs  and hankies (always love that!!)

This is the first time I am posting to my blog from my iPhone and photos are not posting in the right direction ( they're sideways ) I'll have to figure that out...Ugh. 

I got these 2 trays full of vintage buttons for $3!!! (So happy!!!) Love vintage buttons!!! 

I washed them and they are drying on trays outside ( I can't stand the smell of WET vintage buttons!)

I still have more awesome vintage yard sale finds to share with you but I'll save those things for another post!
Hope you enjoyed seeing all my yard sale goodies!!

Have a blessed day,
Pattie xo

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yard Sales

   Lots of yard sales around my neighborhood yesterday and today! 

I found lots of good vintage junk!!  This rusty vintage postage scale was just one of the goodies I found!! I love it but I'm not sure if I will keep it or not..... Our house is very small so there is not a lot of places to display things! And I can't seem to find the right spot for it! :/ .  I'll have to move it around a bit and see....

 I think it might look better in the kitchen... I just wish my counter tops were a solid color or wooden, then my vintage goodies would look better on them... I hate my counter tops but it's not in the budget to change them right now so I will just have to deal with them.... :( 

I'll share more of my yard sale goodies soon!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of my Blogging friends! Have a blessed Easter weekend!

Pattie xo

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bunting/Banner And Crochet

 It's been so snowy here in Chicago these past few days. It's put me in the mood to stay home and work on some of my craft projects. I made this little bunting/banner out of chip board and scrapbook paper that has a burlap look to it and some scalloped circles that I punched out from an old German book from the thrift store. The flowers are from the $1 bins at Micheal's. Nothing fancy just a little something to hang on the wall behind my sofa. I didn't hang it up yet because I want to move the mirrors on the wall around a bit.

 Here is the crochet project I've been working on this week. I started this blanket project way back in Jan 2010!!! lol! HERE is the link from Flickr photo back in Jan 2010. I also made another "Cath Kidston Style" blanket back in 2008. You can see it HERE and HERE. I actually did finish that one!! Yay!!  I LOVE to crochet and I always start too many projects at once and many most ok almost all of them are still lying around unfinished!! lol Fellow crocheters will understand this! ;) My problem is I love to look at crochet blogs or google to see what other crocheters are up to and I see their current crochet project and then I get all fired up and inspired by their beautiful project and then I want to make one like that and the rest is history.... lol

 So when the crocheting mood hit me this week I went down stairs looking in all of my bins for yarn to start yet another project and I came across this unfinished blanket and decided that I wanted to work on it again instead of starting a new one!! Yay!! I'm getting better!! lol. I'm so proud of myself for not starting yet another blanket! Hopefully I will FINISH it!! lol

 I love these colors! Back in 2008- 2010 Cath Kidston colors were my inspiration for many of my crochet blankets. I'm enjoying working with these colors again! So cheerful!! The perfect thing to be working on during a gloomy winter day. Nothing like snuggling up in a comfy chair with a big cup of hot tea with lemon and honey and a crochet blanket project! :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I'm up to this week.

have a blessed day,

Friday, February 22, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

 I found some neat wooden things at the thrift store again! This bag of what I thought were wooden knobs but now after opening them I see some of them have rubber rings around them, so I'm thinking maybe they were stoppers for some type of bottles... I don't know..... Anyway, they remind me of small doorknobs. I want to make something out of them... I'm going to clean them up and remove the rubber rings. I was thinking of making photo holders out of them, you know, like the kind made from vintage doorknobs. Don't know if I should paint them or not....

If you have ay ideas for these things I would love to hear your suggestions! What could I make out of them besides photo holders and paint or no paint?? lol.

 I also found this beautiful 3 mirror thing (it looks like one of the mirrors is missing in the photo but it's not, it's  just a reflection) It was on sale for $10!  It was so hard for me to take pics of it (it's so dark in my house I had to put it on a chair and drag it near the window (crazy what I have to go through to get a pic in this dark house! lol) And it's still not a very good one but the best I can get. I'm going to paint it white and distress it a bit. I'm not sure what to paint it with (spray paint is out for right now (too cold outside in Chicago) So either latex paint or should I get some chalk paint?? I've been wanting to try chalk paint... If I use chalk paint should I order some or make my own  from the recipes I see online?? Tell me what you think!

Have a blessed day,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Peat Pot Easter Baskets

 I finished the neutral color Easter baskets! Added them to my Etsy shop!
 These are my favorite colors!!
 I think I will work on one for myself now! It was hard for me to put these in the shop, I want to keep them! lol! I started working a few little bird houses last night for the shop and now I'm thinking maybe I should keep those too!! lol! At this rate I will never get anything in my shop.... lol
Have a blessed day,

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Etsy Shop Is Open!

 My Etsy Shop Is finally open!! I only have the 3 peat pot Easter baskets in it for now but I am still working on some other items! This is so exciting for me! I love sewing and having a little Etsy shop!!
 These are my very first peat pots ever and I can see why they are so addicting!! I love making them!!
I had so much fun creating them! I am still finishing up 3 more peat pots (neutral colors, My favorite!!) that I will put up on Tuesday! 
Hope you enjoyed seeing my little peat pot/bunny baskets!

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Paint Chips And Peat Pots

Went over to Lowe's yesterday to get some peat pots for my muslin bunny/peat pots craft that I mentioned in my previous post. As I was heading out I noticed all these beautiful spring colored paint chips and I thought they were just too pretty to not make something out of them.....

So I grabbed some and headed home and this is what I came up with! Tiny garland for my muslin bunnies to hold! I really love the way they came out! Love all those pastel colors!  My Easter basket peat pots are almost done!! I will share soon, probably on Monday!  I'm brand new at all this scrapbook paper type crafting but seeing all the adorable things that people make on blogs and on Pinterest is making me really want to learn... I'm getting totally addicted to paper punches for sure. lol  I love all these beautiful paint chips, I want to come up with something else to make from these.... hmmmm...

Stopped at the thrift store on the way home. I like to look for vintage dollies and lacy trims and fabrics but they didn't have any this time.... But they did have these two wooden items. I'm going to clean them up, paint them white and then distress them a bit. The pedestal bowl is going to hold my decoupaged eggs (that are still in the bag waiting to be created!! lol)  I've been wanting a bowl like this to display them in so I am so happy to finally have one!!

Now when I saw this wooden candle holder I envisioned it painted shabby white , distressed and holding 3 little bird houses or two houses and one nest.... Yes a bird house village is what I see when I look at this candle holder!! :)  I will share when these little projects are finished! Gotta get back to crafting!! ;)

Have a blessed day,

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Welcome To My New Blog!

 Welcome to my new blog! I am so excited to have another blog besides my doll blog. I'll be using this blog to share my crafting and thrifting adventures and also for sharing items I am working on for  my new Etsy shop "Tattered Treasures". It's not open yet, I'm still working on some cute little things to fill it up with. I'll share the link to it as soon as it's open! It's going to have shabby/ vintage/ chic /romantic style things to decorate your home. Also seasonal stuff. I just love sewing and crafting seasonal items!!

 With all the Heart crafting going on in blogland this month it really put me in the mood to make some heart garland. Just playing around with these little hearts here that I created from felt and warm and natural batting that's been coffee stained for a vintage look...

 Haven't sewn any of it together yet, still playing around with them and trying to decide what I want to embellish them with... They still need some vintage buttons and pearl seed beads...
I just discovered Sugarlump Studios recently. Her creations are gorgeous! If you've never been there go check it out! ;) So much inspiration!

 I also started making these adorable little muslin bunny rabbits. They are going to sit in little Easter baskets made from peat pots. ( I'm having a hard time finding peat pots in my area though, all I find are the little ones with dirt already in them..) I'll have to go out and check again... I think they are going to be so cute! I will share when they are done! It's kinda late to be starting Easter stuff for Etsy now so I don't know if I will put them in the shop or not.... I may end up keeping them or giving them to family.

 Also working on these mini dress forms for the new shop. It's going to be fun embellishing these too!

Another Idea I had was making a few different types of wings, these are one type. They are going to be embellished with fabric flowers and seam binding ribbon in the center. I think they will look pretty once they are finished... they look kind of weird in this pic. lol

Well I hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peek at some of the things I am working on!

Have a blessed day,