Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bunting/Banner And Crochet

 It's been so snowy here in Chicago these past few days. It's put me in the mood to stay home and work on some of my craft projects. I made this little bunting/banner out of chip board and scrapbook paper that has a burlap look to it and some scalloped circles that I punched out from an old German book from the thrift store. The flowers are from the $1 bins at Micheal's. Nothing fancy just a little something to hang on the wall behind my sofa. I didn't hang it up yet because I want to move the mirrors on the wall around a bit.

 Here is the crochet project I've been working on this week. I started this blanket project way back in Jan 2010!!! lol! HERE is the link from Flickr photo back in Jan 2010. I also made another "Cath Kidston Style" blanket back in 2008. You can see it HERE and HERE. I actually did finish that one!! Yay!!  I LOVE to crochet and I always start too many projects at once and many most ok almost all of them are still lying around unfinished!! lol Fellow crocheters will understand this! ;) My problem is I love to look at crochet blogs or google to see what other crocheters are up to and I see their current crochet project and then I get all fired up and inspired by their beautiful project and then I want to make one like that and the rest is history.... lol

 So when the crocheting mood hit me this week I went down stairs looking in all of my bins for yarn to start yet another project and I came across this unfinished blanket and decided that I wanted to work on it again instead of starting a new one!! Yay!! I'm getting better!! lol. I'm so proud of myself for not starting yet another blanket! Hopefully I will FINISH it!! lol

 I love these colors! Back in 2008- 2010 Cath Kidston colors were my inspiration for many of my crochet blankets. I'm enjoying working with these colors again! So cheerful!! The perfect thing to be working on during a gloomy winter day. Nothing like snuggling up in a comfy chair with a big cup of hot tea with lemon and honey and a crochet blanket project! :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I'm up to this week.

have a blessed day,


  1. You are so sweet popping over to the UK Pattie thank you. Yes the blanket it is one of my favorites. I do hope you finish the blanket . I love the colours of c k. Give me a shout when it's finished I ll pop over and have a look. Keep warm now love sue x

  2. I love the bunting. It looks so cute with the birds.

  3. Pattie, you know what they say, 'Great minds think alike!' I love your Kidston style afghan! It's going to be gorgeous! I got in and finished mine last night! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  4. Hi, Pattie! Glad you came by for a visit and left me a comment. Can't ever have too many crochet sisters, so I came here to check you out. Hee-hee. It's so strange because I have been really thinking hard about making a Cath Kidston colored blanket next. I just love the colors. Maybe it's a sign that I should go ahead and start it? Yes, I'm sure that's what it is. Your first blanket is so pretty. I followed your links and went to see it. I like this one you are working on even better, I think. It's looking good! I'll be back.

  5. Love your is so sweet. I so admire those who can sew and crochet!
    I love the design and colors you chose for the blanket you are creating...great post!

  6. Love the banner! is so beautifully done...and love the crochet mom tried to teach me, but could not sit still long enough!!....

  7. I love the banner! You have serious talent- I wish I knew how to do needlework like that!

  8. Charming banner you have here and beautiful crochet work too.


  9. Such sweet bunting, Pattie! Just adorable!
    Have a lovely weekend!