Sunday, August 18, 2013

My awesome garage sale find

Stopped a garage sale on the way home from church today and I found this!!! It needs to be cleaned up and oiled, and a new belt but I am thrilled with it!!!
I love it!!! I'm going order the belt and other supplies on ebay and get it back in working order. I'm tempted to paint the cabinet white but not sure if I should or not....

Have a blessed day,


  1. What a beauty! Those drawers and all of the decorative detail..Breath taking! I bet it will be a wonderful machine. And painting it, if you want to go ahead, I gave up painting guilt a long time ago!!!


  2. Pattie,
    It is wonderful!!!
    beautiful trim on the drawers...sweet.
    I like painted things too, but usually leave my old sewing machines alone. Wood is so beautiful.
    I figure if someone else wants to paint it, they can buy it and do what they want.
    Great find.
    PS thanks for visiting my place.